Importance of veterinary care Services

There are more and more homes that include animals in their family nucleus. Be it dogs, cats, rabbits, or Australian parrots, among other animals. No pets are no longer foreign animals at home that only serve to care. Now the dog climbs on the bed, the cat shares the table with the family and the pets live with all their owners in the home. Contact with humans is so intimate that it is essential to preserve the health of family members.

This is how preventive medicine becomes necessary to keep pets healthy and thus, the whole family can have a better quality of life. To prevent animal diseases, the veterinary doctor recommends:

  • Visit the vet at least 3 times a year
  • Deforming the pet every 3 months
  • Annual vaccination
  • Good quality food

Along with these recommendations, it is important to provide the pet with a safe place to rest, exercise, or entertainment, and a lot of love and understanding. Especially if you don’t have a dog or cat and your pet is anything but common, check with the vet for their specific needs. The VIP Pet Care is also a useful service for small dogs.

What if you have an accident and need emergency care?

The first warning sign is a change in behavior. When your pet is no longer the same and behaves in strange and incomprehensible ways, if they are sad, isolated, and without appetite, they look tired and have dark circles. All these signs can be alert to any disease and you should take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

If you see that he suffers from vomiting, it could be a case of poisoning. If so, Doctors indicates that you should not self-medicate because the medicine that can save the life of an animal, can kill another. They should also not be vomited, as they could have ingested something irritating that will irritate the gastric tract both out and back.

Instead of implementing empirical solutions, you should go to a vet immediately to determine the best solution for each emergency.

How often should I go to the vet?

  • In the first year of life, you must frequently attend, especially due to the vaccination schedule.
  • From the first year to 6 or 7 years old, you must attend once a year.
  • From 6 or 7 years old, you should take your pet every 6 months as they become geriatric animals and are more prone to diseases.

Is my dog ​​healthy?

If you live with your pet on a daily basis, it is totally worth taking a few minutes to do a home inspection. Obviously you will not be able to check him inside, that’s what the vet is for. But if you can observe important parts of its organism so that it stays safe.

  • Wipe eyesores, dirt and ear wax with gauze (not swabs) and make sure the nose is always clean and wet.
  • Consult with the vet on the correct way to maintain a good sanitary condition of your teeth. Otherwise, poor oral hygiene can cause infections and loss of parts.
  • It inspects the state of its skin and coat, that no parasites or foreign bodies appear the weight of the pet and the hygiene of its anal area.
  • The nails should be cut if they do not wear out enough with the rubbing of the ground. But first consult a vet how to do it because the nails have nerve endings and two small blood vessels. The pads must be protected if the terrain is abruptly changed.
  • Get your dog used to daily brushing to promote blood circulation, eliminate dead hair and help with the growth of new hair.
  • When bathing your dog, check that it does not have any suspicious lumps. Bathe him with products for dogs and with the frequency that the veterinarian indicates.

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