what are the types of molle pouches

molle pouches


Molle Pouches are a great way to carry extra supplies and equipment. They’re made out of nylon and come in many different sizes. There are three main types of molle pouches: radio, utility, and grenade pouches.

Radio Pouches

Radio Pouches

Radio pouches are the most common type of Molle pouch designed to hold your radio, walkie talkie or other electronic devices. The pocket is small enough to fit in a pocket but large enough to easily access your gear without having to take it out of its case.

Utility Pouches

Utility pouches are the most versatile type of molle pouch. They can be attached to molle webbing, a belt or vest, and even the outside of your rucksack. They are great for carrying items like pens, pencils, and mobile phones so that you’re always ready for any situation.

Grenade Pouches

Grenade pouches are used to carry grenades. They’re usually held on the chest or belt, and have a single strap with a snap closure. The small pocket on the front of the pouch has an elasticized band that can be pulled through so you don’t lose your grenade when it’s not in use. The back of these pouches often has loops to attach to other gear like packs or belts.


Molle pouches are an excellent way to organize your gear. They allow you to keep all of your essentials close by and accessible at all times. When choosing a type of molle pouch, consider how much equipment you need access to on a daily basis. There are three main types: utility pouches for small items such as knives or flashlights; radio pouches for radios; and grenade pouches that can hold anything from grenades up through RPGs ammo!

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