Valuable observations of a company that has gained new customers through content marketing

Anyone who has been preparing content for a long time and has already succeeded in business thanks to content marketing will surely accumulate a lot of interesting observations. The best proof that the guys really understood how content marketing works is that they turn these observations into an amazing post – everything interesting and useful should be published.

Without resorting to long introductions about the importance of content, we offer you to familiarize yourself with a few tricks of content marketing from the company, the manufacturer of business applications Help Scout.

Content Marketing Tricks

1. Content marketing is the enthusiasm that you pass on to consumers. If you think that the buyer will be interested in your product just like that, you are deeply mistaken.    

2. Content should help the customer succeed. Just as a good education involves more than just learning, so good content should help the client succeed, for example, in solving a problem.

3. The culture of creating content is either there or not. Content is not just a component of marketing, it is a whole culture. The more holistic and better your content, the more people want to associate themselves with it and with your brand.

4. Together more fun and effective. Either you play as a whole team and win a game called content marketing, or sit together on the bench. Colleagues do not have time to “engage in this creative nonsense”? Your company’s employees are not obliged to produce topics and articles day and night, but at least they must cooperate with the writers responsible for the company’s blog. Without regular communication with your employees, a writer can provide you with beautiful, but not relevant content.

However, in order to make yourself appeared in search engines, you can count on a Wikipedia page. It is one of the content marketing strategies that allows you to enhance online presence to your business. You just need to hire Wikipedia page creation services that fit with your project.

5. The problem is not tactics, but content. Honesty is a rare occurrence, no one wants to admit that it creates low-quality content. Instead, many complain about tactical misses, and the fact that competitors know some tricks, and therefore their content is more popular. In fact, everything is simpler – fans of complaining just create bad content. And there is only one solution – to get down to business seriously. You must constantly monitor trends in your industry, read more and do not forget to communicate with specialists in the field of content marketing.

6. Work on your weaknesses and make the most of your benefits. Modern content marketing can be safely described with the word “madness.” The crazy availability of tools and resources for creating and promoting content leads to the fact that marketers are clutching at everything in order to bring their content to the top search engines. Content strategy, suffering from tachycardia, does not bring to good. Few companies manage to manage at least two communication channels equally effectively, not to mention five or ten. Reassure the full-time marketer, let him stick to the chosen strategy.     

7. Design affects the perception of content. How you post content on your website, how you think over the interface, and even which image you provide the article with is of great importance. All this affects the user experience, which determines whether the reader will return to your site or not. In addition, visual materials and a convenient interface can sometimes compensate for the shortcomings of the text itself.  

8. E – mail marketing is still a gold mine. This is an excellent communication channel for marketers who are really focused on increasing sales, and not just the number of subscribers to the corporate blog.

9. Create volumetric content. With the right approach, strategic content fully pays off in the long run. Therefore, do not spare efforts and time to create it.

10. Visual materials are sometimes a hundred times more effective than words. Probably, each of us had to read the confusing chapter of the book, and then at the end find a table that explains the same thing, but much easier. Visual content, such as info graphics, is able to more easily describe a complex topic than a few paragraphs from under the arm of the chief specialist of your company.


Whether you like it or not, modern content marketing is an extremely competitive environment. Not only the one who writes best survives, but also the one who adapts the fastest to the new trends and information needs of clients.

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