6 Reasons Cell Phone Surveillance Can Prove Lethal to Your Relationship

The technology has enabled humans to keep their loved ones under surveillance with an aim to ensure their protection. The user of surveillance software can keep track of movements and activities of concerned ones with or without them knowing. A spy app empowers you to sneak into the mobile phone of your partner and get access to important data such as chats, contacts, media files, emails, passwords and browsing history. This also includes data relevant to social media apps, instant messengers and online platforms. When used inappropriately or with bad intentions the cell phone surveillance can put negative impact on a relationship. It does not only breach privacy but also breaks trust and weakens bonding. This article discusses six reasons the cell phone surveillance can be bad for a relationship.

Domestic Violence

While technology has revamped human lifestyle, it has also evolved domestic violence. It is not the prevalence of abuse that has changed over the time but the way in which it is conducted. Technology has created more opportunities for abusers to terrorize the victim partner and create environment of omnipresent control. Domestic violence is not just about physical abuse but it is also about power imbalance and unhealthy levels of control. The cell phone monitoring app enables dominating partners to keep track of their spouse’s movements, communication and every activity. Usually, this is done without informing or getting consent of the partner. Such probing activities can be destructive for relationships.

Fear and Anxiety

Some abusers ask to share social media accounts, voicemails, emails or access to mobile phone records. In an imbalance relationship, the victim is forced to hand over passwords or give consent for sharing of mobile phone data. This probing activity is very dangerous for a relationship because it creates fear and anxiety for the victim who knows that the abuser is only looking for stuff to use to create allegation of misconduct.

Prompts Negative Emotions

Some abusers do not seek permission and proactively hack into spouse’s mobile phone, email and social media accounts. The cell phone surveillance by abusers leads to arguments that prompt negative emotions and violence.

Invasion of Privacy

The cell phone tracking enables user to read conversations of significant other and check out mobile phone activities. The secret and remote tracking of digital devices is simply an example of invasion of privacy. How you use your cell phone; what comments you make on a social media post and whom you are in contact with; this entirely is a personal matter of a person. If someone pokes his/her nose into these matters it is immoral and forbidden in every culture or law.


The cell phone monitoring app facilitates stalking letting user to monitor every social media activity of the partner. The end-user of the surveillance tool can see every social media post, comment, friend-list and follower-list of the victim. An over-protective and possessive partner is likely to find stuff that can create misunderstandings. The comments made by opposite gender on your social media post could be judged in a wrong way. The following of social media accounts leads to arguments that negatively affect your relationship.

Unlawful Hacking

The cell phone surveillance is unlawful if the victim is not informed. If you aim to use a spy app for spouse monitoring you must take permission of your partner before subscription and installation of surveillance software. The uninformed use of surveillance tool is unlawful. In some regions, it is permissible to spy on your partner and track his digital devices. The unlawful hacking does not only influence your relationship but can also land you in legal issues.

The Bottom Line

The cyber monitoring of spouse puts negative influence on a relationship because it increases jealousy, disagreement, anxiety and negative emotions. The use of surveillance tool is usually made by tech savvy abusers who exploit lack of knowledge and proficiency of the victim. They invade into the privacy of partner to collect material to be used for allegation of bad behavior. When used improperly and with bad intentions the cell phone surveillance only puts negative influence on a relationship and provides more opportunities to abusers for violence and abuse.  

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