The Samsung A60 Vitality Edition, Samsung’s ambitions in the low-end and mid-range mobile phone market

we all know that in today’s smart phone market, the performance of a mobile phone brand’s flagship machine may affect people’s impression of this brand, but it is definitely not the sales of flagship models that determine market share. Looking at the global market, it is always the middle and low-end models that account for the vast majority of the strategic market share. In fact, even if Apple also continues to sell the old models as mid-range machines, it can be seen that mid-range machines are the battleground for soldiers.

Looking back at the reasons why Samsung has been so bad in the past two years, one is the reason for the flagship machine rollover, and the other is that the mid-range machine is not grounded at all, and there is no value for money. For example, when the Samsung Galaxy A9star was released last year, the price was as high as 2999 yuan. Maybe you think there is no difference from OV. It is used for offline channels and the configuration is almost the same. But for users, OV’s 660 chip mobile phone is the flagship, which is all in the store, and Samsung stores are all S series and Note series. Low-end Samsung, not to mention the fact that word of mouth has deteriorated. So a large part of Samsung’s downturn is caused by the poor performance of mid-range machines.

In 2019, Samsung regained its face in the flagship market with the excellent performance of the S10 series. The next goal is naturally clear, that is, the low-end and mid-range mobile phone market.

Recently, Samsung released a number of new models such as the Galaxy A60 / A70 / A80 in the domestic market in one breath, all of which are very obvious mid-range positioning. The price-performance ratio of the A60 version released yesterday, which is mainly for online sales, has made you wonder whether this is a Samsung phone.

As the main cost-effective model for online sales, price is the most important parameter. 6GB + 64GB sells for 1499 yuan! Based on this price we will look at its other parameters, you will understand how attractive this price is.

The Galaxy A60 is equipped with a 6.3-inch digging screen, and it is also Samsung ’s first mobile phone with screen vibration sound technology. It uses Qualcomm ’s next-generation processor Snapdragon 675 and is equipped with Samsung One UI system. Back fingerprint recognition, built-in 3500mAh battery and support 15W fast charge.

Not only that, the Galaxy A60 Vitality Edition also has a rear three-shot lens. The 32-megapixel main camera, the 5-megapixel blur camera, the 8-megapixel 123 ° ultra-wide-angle camera, and the front opening of the screen are 16-megapixel lenses.

The point is that this mobile phone priced at 1499 yuan has built-in full-featured NFC and supports Samsung Pay. Besides, NFC is a function that Redmi has not been able to achieve at this price.

An international manufacturer of Samsung, even if it has mastered the vertical supply chain, how can it be integrated so grounded, and the price can be made so low? If you have such doubts, then you have a certain understanding of the smart phone market. In fact, the answer is very simple, and that is Wingtech.

It can be said that most brands have sold smartphones from Wingtech. Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, Meizu, Lenovo and other brands of mobile phones, as long as they are low-end models, do not need to support the scene for their own brand models, mostly from ODM manufacturers, do not need to design or produce, paste Your own brand sells through your own channels. Among ODM manufacturers, Wingtech is the leader, and almost every one of the familiar Redmi phones comes from them.

As early as October 2018, it was reported that Samsung wanted to outsource the low-end and mid-range devices of the Galaxy. After all, Samsung’s own mid-range devices designed and manufactured could not keep the price down, and Samsung’s selected ODM manufacturer was Wingtech. The Samsung Galaxy A6s released in October 2018 is the first model they cooperated with, and this year’s wave of new Samsung mid-range phones should all come from Wingtech.

That’s why we saw that Samsung’s own flagship development technology has not appeared on Samsung’s mid-range mobile phones. Such as lifting structure, true full screen design, screen sound technology. Optical fingerprints under the screen and more. The A-series mid-range machine released this year seems to have disappeared from Samsung’s previous situation, becoming very brave and full of product competitiveness.

And pure online sales models such as the Galaxy A60 vitality version show Samsung’s ambitions in the market. Wingtech ’s excellent supply chain integration capabilities have kept prices low enough, and Samsung has not hesitated to say whether too low a price will affect its brand image. Who can think of the Android emperor who can fight Apple, but also put down the identity and the price / performance ratio of Red Rice?

Taken together, Samsung should have become this year. Both flagship phones and mid-to-low-end phones have sufficient competitiveness, and the competitiveness completely covers the budget range of most people. From the 1500 yuan mid- to low-end cost-effective model to the 8,000 yuan top flagship, there are more than 10,000 the only mass-produced folding screen concept Galaxy Fold. At present, there seems to be no other brand on the market. Take it out at the same time.

Samsung is finally on the right path, but this is actually a blow to domestic brands. For the average user, this is actually a good thing, which means you have more options.

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