How to prepare for the CBAP Certification Exam?


There are so many students who want to pursue business and management fields. Lots of courses are available on topics like management analysis and leadership. In the business field those who want to pursue business analysis fields have a very broad scope of career ahead. They can pursue specific courses like business analysis, management analysis and so on. There are so many courses about business analysis available online.

There are so many institutes that can efficiently teach you how to do business analysis with real life case studies.

What is CBAP?

One of the courses for business analysis is the CBAP. The CBAP stand for

certified business analysis professional. In CBAP the institutes of the coaches teaches the student about business analysis, with real life scenarios. They give case studies to students about real life managing and business analysis of top companies and organizations. How they manage the business and do analysis for the company. so the company can analyze the market. According to that analysis they can take further decisions about their product or service, what changes they need to make in their market.

Vast majority of organizations or companies that recruit business analysts, the scope  of this certification is very large in the future because in the future  it is very hard to analyze the market because there are so many competitors who are also competing with the market.  Without a deep analysis we can’t grow our organization or our company.

Why did I choose this course?

  • One of the main reasons to choose this course is that you will develop a habit of solving a complex problem without any kind of hesitation.

After you finish this certification, passing the exam will give you skills and techniques which will be really helpful for you and for your team.

It will clear your perspective about what exactly you want as a business analyst and what actions you should take that will help you to analyse the market and  create solutions for your company. it will boost the productivity of yourself as well as your team.

So is there any way to prepare for this exam. People get confused when they want to prepare but can’t find any solution. Let’s look at how you can prepare well and pass this exam.

How to Prepare For This Exam?

Set A Plan:

  • First thing you need to do is create a time table or create a plan with which  you will start your execution.
  • You need to be absolutely clear about how many hours you need to prepare on a daily basis.  clarity gives you power and you will be motivated to prepare much more with passion and  hard work.

You can create a daily timetable which will help you to identify, which thing I need to do first and which thing I will do later.

Gather Resources

Most people get stuck when they start preparing.  When people start to prepare they get confused on gathering notes and   gathering resources.

  • Make sure you have all the resources and the entire note gathered on your desk. Always make sure you have all the right resources collected for you to start preparing.
  • If you are gathering resources during preparation you will waste your time and your energy.

One resource that is freely available is the BABOK book provided by IIBA. This book is useful to create notes and mark important points which will be useful in the exam.

Learn All the Concepts

  • Understanding all the concepts is the key to crack any exam. If you have knowledge of business, you should understand the concept of all the techniques and methods. This can make you better as an examiner and after passing the exam, you will be a better employee.


  • There is a saying “practice makes the man perfect”. This saying is so true that you need to practice very hard and you need to have a constant attitude of learning.


The CBAP Certification is very beneficial for the business geeks and for those who want to grow their career in the business field. If you pass this certification you are just one step away from achieving your most valuable go

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