Hire Movers in La Jolla or Move By Yourself?

movers in La Jolla

When you are trying to save money, a do-it-yourself move might make more sense at the onset.

However, if you think about it, can you really do all the heavy lifting – which may lead you to ankle sprains or more serious accidents, packing and other tedious tasks without hiring professional movers? If you are on a tight schedule you will have to finish the entire moving process as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you are worried about your limited budget, you can also try a combination of a DIY move and other cheaper alternatives like hiring container companies to transport all your belongings instead of renting a moving truck.

Once you decide to look for movers in La Jolla, look for one that can connect you with local movers in the area. By hiring a professional moving company with professional movers who know the area well, you can be at peace that when unexpected things like a busted tire or a sudden storm happens, your professional movers will know what to do.

As an added benefit, they would know the best routes to take to avoid traffic, recommend good restaurants and popular activities you can do around the area.

Moving for the 1st Time? Hire Movers or Move by Yourself?

This is the crucial question that most people ask.

Often, when you are moving for the first time, you will be clueless as to what is the best way to decide on this matter.

You can ask family members who have relocated before. They may give advice on how many boxes you will need for the move. They can even help you in loading and unloading all your belongings in the moving truck. However, not everyone has someone to rely on.

Luckily, hiring professional movers makes your entire move less overwhelming.

Whether you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment or a bigger house, doing a local move, a long-distance move, or moving overseas, professional moving companies can make the experience stress-free since a full-service moving company can handle all your concerns, from packing services to moving trucks that can get you from point A to B.

In fact, if you find the right moving service, you do not have to worry about going beyond your budget. You can let professional movers do the heavy lifting without constantly checking if you can afford it.

When to Hire Professional Movers

Relocating to your dream city is more expensive than what you imagine it to be. The service fees you see online only cover the labor services.

There are also other additional costs you must consider such as the cost of fuel, moving truck rental and the cost of packing supplies.

Unsurprisingly, many homeowners opt for a DIY move due to the cost of hiring movers. However, when you are relocating under time pressure while juggling responsibilities in your personal life and professional life, you have no choice but to hire movers.

Moving takes so much time with errands you need to complete before moving day. Attempting a DIY move that would take all your energy might cause a strain on your relationships or cost you that promotion at work.

If you are doing a local move, you can easily predict what the climate will be like and how to make the move quickly and efficiently.

This may not be true if you are moving to another country or another state. You will have to get as much help as you need, hire reputable movers in La Jolla, and let them take over the tedious tasks for you.

Tips for Hiring Movers

Due to the number of people relocating nowadays and setting up new homes in dream locations where they can work remotely, there are now plenty of moving companies, moving container companies, and rental truck companies offering their services to potential customers.

You can easily look for one through an online search or an online listing. However, looking for reputable movers has also become more challenging.

How much more if you have a specific budget and are looking to hire professional movers at an affordable rate? That would be even more challenging to do.

Hiring movers can easily turn into a nightmare. You can fall into a trap without knowing it. This can be disastrous, especially for long-distance moves.

Imagine being miles away from home only to discover that the moving company you hired cannot address your concerns or will require additional costs for the service you desperately need.

Here are some tips that can guide you in deciding when hiring movers that will help you avoid unfortunate situations:

1.      Gather as many free moving quotes as you can.

This will help you compare prices and decide what is reasonable depending on the service to be performed. Local moves can sometimes be cheaper than long distance moves. Hiring a labor-only mover is often more affordable than hiring a full-service mover.

2.      Ask about costs and payment methods upfront.

The best moving companies are transparent with the fees they charge.

You can easily find the fees beside corresponding services on their website. They often provide web forms you can fill up with the services you require ranging from packing services to handyman services and moving truck rental.

Look for moving companies that make payment convenient. They will usually ask for down payment which is usually half of the total service fee and charge a minimal processing fee.

3.      Ask for a list of services they offer.

Early on, identify if the moving company you are looking to hire can connect you with a full-service mover that can do the packing, loading, and unloading of your belongings, heavy lifting of large furniture, and other moving services needed to prepare an entire house for the moving date.

Some professional moving companies provide labor-only services, and you will have to rent a truck that will transport your belongings, on your own.

If you are relocating for work and you anticipate busy days immediately after reaching your new city, look for one that can provide a full-service package. Usually, the company delivers your things, and movers load and unload them into your new house. It is best to ask about these details before booking a service provider.

4.      Look for reviews online and ask around for recommendations.

To make sure you are hiring professionals, look for a professional moving company with numerous 5-star reviews on Google and positive testimonials from past clients on their website.

If there are bad reviews, you can also consider what was mentioned in the reviews to avoid a similar fate.


5.      Avoid busy seasons.

Understandably, the high demand for movers during the busy season also means higher prices. A lot of people relocate during school opening months and when the weather is warmer.

6.      Ask about the skills, experience, and training of their movers.

Keep in mind that by hiring a professional mover and foregoing a do-it-yourself approach, there will be higher costs. However, you must get value for your hard-earned money.

A reliable mover can help you all throughout the relocation journey through his skills in packing, his knowledge of how to tackle unexpected situations, and his system of doing things.

When you have a lot of things to pack, a mover who specializes in this area can help you avoid costly multiple trips. They can make sure everything is ready even before you rent a truck.


Is it possible to move by yourself?

Yes, it is possible to do a DIY move. Many homeowners and university students have attempted this before.

Of course, if you have no money to spare for moving services, you do not really have much choice. You can ask friends and family members to help you with the packing of things. They can also lend a hand with the loading and unloading of boxes in vehicles to be used for the move.

However, if the stakes are high such as when you are relocating your business headquarters and each day of delay means losing customers or if you are moving to a new city to take on a new career, you must hire movers.

The alternative would be more costly than the fees you will pay a professional moving company.

What you can do is to look for a moving company that has a labor-only services option and hire movers you can pay at an hourly rate.

This way, you can set aside a budget and monitor how much you need to spend for someone to assist you with things you need to get done immediately. A professional mover will have the skills, years of experience, and training to do things in a systematic and faster way.

What are the pros of moving yourself?

If you are not comfortable letting strangers inside your home, doing a DIY move can help you avoid any awkward situations.

Another pro for moving on your own is you also get to control the entire moving process.

For example, you can choose what packing supplies you think would be best for your valuables. You can also choose who to hire from the number of options for rental truck companies. You can even choose your moving date without considering the availability and schedules of other people.

Another advantage of doing a DIY move is instead of spending money to pay for moving services, you can use these funds for other items you need for the move. You can allocate these funds for your house down payment or to purchase new furniture.

Is it OK to leave movers alone?

It depends on how many expensive items you have at home.

Of course, you cannot just spend the day being around while movers try to do their job. The last thing you want is to get in the way and make the task longer and harder for them.

If you really must leave, put your expensive valuables and fragile items in a safe place. You can put them in a room with a door you can lock or in a metal safe if the objects are small.

To put your mind at ease, before hiring professional movers, do a background check. Research online and offline. Inquire with the moving company about feedback from past customers.

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