Creative Ideas To Design Distinctive Exhibition Stand

In the trade show, you must stand out among various competitors to attract potential customers and increase the sale rate. Your amazing exhibition stand design can help you to create the buzz. How is it possible to design outstanding exhibition display stands in a tight budget?

Here, in this article, you will find creative and cost-efficient ways to make your trade booth attractive and eye-catching to the trade show attendees:

1. Add Beacon In Trade Booth

The beacons can make your exhibition stand alluring and it is one of the most interactive ideas. This idea has been used for many years and it can help to drive the desired results. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone and you can take advantage of it.

You just need to smartly implement the beacon technology in your trade booth. It is recommended to wisely place the beacon in your creative exhibition stands so that it helps to convey the right message on their mobile phone without actually talking to them.

2. QR Codes To Retrieve Data On Phones

As technology is evolving, then people prefer to take soft copies rather than taking hard copies. The QR codes on your exhibition stand wall can help your potential customers to easily retrieve information such as brochures, the technical detail of your product, data sheets on their mobile phones.  

But, some people still want to have hard copies. Thus, along with QR codes on trade booth walls, you should also keep hard copies of brochures and other important information.

The QR codes are highly beneficial because they not just offer a soft copy of the brochure, but you can deliver a huge amount of data to the trade show attendees. Thus, QR codes in exhibition display will help you to stand out and help you to get more customers for your products/services.

3. AR/VR Technology

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies can help you to engage your customers for a long period of time. You should incorporate these technologies in your exhibition stand so that you can impress the trade show attendees.

Moreover, these latest technologies can help you to stand out among various competitors on the trade show floor. These technologies can also help you to save money. Incorporating these technologies is one of the creative ideas for exhibition stands.

The exhibitors who are related to the manufacturing field or B2B business can leverage these technologies. They cannot bring all their products at the exhibition stand. therefore, by using these technologies they can take their booth visitors on a virtual tour to their manufacturing unit and warehouse as well.

4. Interactive Product Display

The exhibitions provide a great opportunity for all business owner to display their products to potential customers. Therefore, you should keep in mind that an efficient product demonstration plays an important role.

You should display all your products in such a way that they trigger curiosity to the passerby and they cannot restrict themselves to enter your booth. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the display of your products.

5. Leverage Social Media

Most exhibitors fail to take advantage of powerful platform-Social media. Different social media platforms will help you to reach enormous customers. You can use social media for marketing before, during and after the trade show. Pre-show marketing can help you to attract people towards your booth in the show.

6. Interactive Lighting Displays

This is one of the most creative ideas to make your exhibition stand attractive. There are different types and styles of lighting systems that will help to make your exhibition stand alluring.

You can search on the internet for various inspirational exhibition stand ideas. The LED lights are the best form of lighting for the trade booths.

The LED lights are available in different shapes, styles, and colors. You just need to install them wisely so that you get the desired results. The LED lights can help in highlighting display walls, product shelves and all other important sections of your exhibition stand.

7. Relaxing Lounge

There could be nothing better than providing a relaxing space for your booth visitors. Tired booth visitors will be thankful to you for this great effort. While the booth visitors are taking rest in your relaxing lounge, you can offer beverages and start a meaningful conversation. This is the perfect time to convert your potential customer into a lead.

8. Gamification In Your Booth

It is imperative to create a fun environment inside your booth. Gamification is the best way to make your exhibition stand interesting. You should think beyond that simple quiz. Make sure that the game you are going to start in your exhibition stand is interesting and related to your brand and products as well. Gamification is the best way to teach your visitors about your products/services in a fun way.

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