8 Ways To Keep Your Lungs Healthy And Increase Their Capacity

We take care of the entire body, but we forget to take care of our lungs. We often forget that healthy functioning of lungs is very important to ensure healthy well being.  Most people do not worry about their lung’s health unless they experience any problem in breathing. We should all consider our lung’s health and put efforts to increase the capacity of our lungs.

It is an undeniable fact that our regular day to day work can not increase our lung capacity. You must do rigorous activities to increase your lung capacity. In this article, we are going to describe different steps that will help you to improve your lung health.

1. Try Good Breathing Techniques

There are various ways to increase your lung capacity and diaphragmatic breathing is one of them. The good breathing techniques will help you in expanding and relaxing your lungs and this ultimately help in improving their health.

The people who are experiencing lung problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc must try different breathing techniques so that their lungs health starts improving. Diaphragmatic breathing is a technique in which your diaphragm muscles will be involved.

In this breathing technique, you need to pay attention to the lowering of your diaphragm while breathing in. Also, you should maintain optimum atmospheric conditions in your surroundings. You should breathe clean air and reduce air pollution inside your house. Install air conditioning Sydney at your home because it helps in maintaining clean air.

2. Deep Breathing Exercise

You can simply try deep breathing exercise and it helps your lungs to expand to their full capacity. You should slowly start inhaling and after that, you have to consciously observe the expansion in your belly.

After that expand the ribs and consciously observe them. In the end, you should observe the expansion of the upper chest while breathing in. Finally, breathe out and let your chest fall. After that let your ribs contract and finally bring your stomach muscles inside.

3. Start Counting While Breathing

There is one more way to increase the capacity of your lungs i.e. increasing inhale and exhale length. You should count on while breathing so that you can determine how long a natural breath takes.

You should count five for inhaling and also count five while exhaling. Make sure your inhale and exhale time duration should be equal. Once you have determined what is the count for your natural breath, then start adding one more count in your breath.

You should try to increase the length of inhaling and exhale. make sure that you do not strain and try to be comfortable. Adding on count is a slow process, therefore, you have to show patience.

4.  Maintain Right Body Posture

As the lungs are made up of soft tissues, therefore, they adopt the structure based on your sitting position. Therefore, it is recommended to sit straight and reach overhead. If you want to provide more rooms for your lungs, then you should learn in a backward direction. You should lift your chest slightly and open up your body while breathing in.

5. Keep Your Body Hydrated

It is important to drink more water so that your lungs function appropriately. You should keep your body well hydrated so that the mucosal lining in your lungs remains thin. You should do intense physical activities as well so that your lungs remain healthy and they function as per they intended.

After increasing your regular physical activity, you will observe the changes in your body. You will get healthy lungs, improved heart functioning and uplift your mood as well.

6. Practice Laughing

Lungs capacity increases with laughing and you should laugh as much as you can. The laughing practice also helps in clearing your lungs and helps to get rid of stale air. Also, it lets you breathe in the fresh air.

7. Do Rigorous Physical Activity

You should keep your body active and you must practice rigorous physical activities. After doing vigorous daily physical activity, your lung’s capacity starts improving gradually.  You should add a regular workout in your daily schedule.

Start with 30 minutes regularly and gradually keep increasing it. If you can not go outside for regular exercise, then start doing it at home. Turn on ducted air conditioning Sydney and do rigorous physical activities at your home.

8. Join Health Clubs

If you are suffering from lung problems, then you should start taking care of your lungs. The best way to improve your lung health is to join a health club. When you do physical work, your breath increases and it significantly improves your lung’s health.

Also, you can join a breathing club. In the breathing club, the professionals will teach you different types of breathing techniques that will improve your lung’s health.

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