Why should you check your ESTA status before traveling to the US?

If you want to travel to the US, you need a VISA. The type of VISA that you need will depend on the purpose of your visit. You have to put up a VISA Request America (visum aanvragen amerikabefore you can plan your travels. However, if you are a national of a VWP approved country, you can do without a VISA in certain cases. Citizens of the Netherlands and other countries that belong to the Visa Waiver Program can visit the US for tourism and business purpose with an ESTA. An ESTA is not essentially a Visa but it works in pretty much the same way. It allows you to travel to the US. 

Why should you check your ESTA status?

Once you Request ESTA VISA, you can have an approval within 72 hours maximum. However, it is important that you the status of your ESTA before you travel to the US. Although the ESTA is valid for two years since the date of approval, it may expire before that in certain cases. For example, if your passport expires, your ESTA expires too, even though it has been less than two years. Any updation or changes in the VWP can also render your ESTA invalid. In such situations, you will not be able to travel to the US with an ESTA and you will need to VISA Request America to be able to travel to the US. 

If you received an approved ESTA America (esta amerikain the past, you must check its status before making any plans. Remember that your ESTA needs to be valid during the entire period of your stay in the US and not only till you enter the US. If your ESTA expires and you are still in the US, you may be booked for illegal stay and may even be deported. So, before you make any plans or start your journey, you must check the status of your ESTA. 

How to check ESTA status?

Checking your ESTA status is very easy. You simply need to go to  estavisumamerika. and follow the steps to check the status of your ESTA America. You will need just a few minutes to fill-up the form. Once done, you will be able to see the details of your ESTA – status, validity, etc. This information will help you in taking further action. If you see that your ESTA is valid and will not expire before the date of your exit from the US, you are good to go. However, if your ESTA isn’t valid anymore or will expire before you leave the US, you will need to ESTA Visa (esta visum aanvragen). Doing so isn’t difficult. The process needs just a few minutes of your time and you will have to pay the fees again. 

Remember that ESTA cannot be renewed. If it has expired, you have to fill up the application form like the very first time. But since everything is online and automatic, you should have no problems with it. 

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