The Chinese Economy is Being Seriously Affected by Covid 19

The year 2020 started with hope of a better world, preferably a world filled with peace but soon catastrophes started to follow. It has been observed that instead of time passing really quick the three months of the year feels the longest in history. In January, we saw the Australian forests caught fire, all the trees and bushes lit up, the weather and global warming took a direct hit and the wild life almost went extinct. We hoped for a better February, but unfortunately we against lost it to the threat of World War 3, but the good part was it being just a threat. 

Now as March has approached the world is weeping, not just one country or two but the whole world. A virus named Covid-19 has been spread in the world and the world is under the threat of ending. It might seem dramatic or something out of the movies but unfortunately it is the bitter truth. No cure has been developed yet, the worst part is it is affecting many people all at once, it starts like flu but the threat is so major that if it is left to complete it’s cycle the person dies. The fatality rate is 2% which is why people of the world especially Italy took it very lightly, but according to currents stats Italy has reached to 800 deaths/day ratio which is incredibly alarming.


The only prevention till the vaccine is not developed and spread to the world is self isolation. Complete isolation centers and quarantine wards are created for the people who are infected. By quarantining them we will be able to stop the spread and also stop the cycle. People are advised to stay at home; wash their hands regularly, do not touch there exposed parts like eyes, nose and faces. People are also advised to avoid contact with other people; at least six feet of distance should be maintained with a special Leather Jackets Shop


All the prevention has resulted China to stop the spread of Virus at home of Covid-19, Wuhan. But, the Chinese economy has plummeted to floor in the course of a month or you could say three. People are not buying anything from China, despite China being one of the greatest economies in the world. Not just the economy of China is affected; all the other countries are on complete lockdown like Iran, Pakistan, Australia, U.S.A, UK and many more. It has spread to 150+ countries and there is still no cure. It is one of those desperate times where we have a hope that “necessity is the mother of invention” quotation will work, because the world is that desperate.

Small business like grocery stores, marts, shops is all closed. Big business like malls and cinema houses, theatres are also being shut down. Amidst of all this you can still shop online as according to a research corona or Covid-19 has zero to none chances of spreading through packages in the mail boxes. 

You can still order the Black Leather Jacket or your favorite Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket from the stores set up online. They may take a little long to get delivered but hopefully this pandemic of a situation will end soon and your orders will be with you.

We are all in this together; it’s not just one country whose economy went down. The whole world’s economy is endangered but we have hope that if people will take precautions and implement on instructions decreed by World Health Organization we will be safe and secure. We also have a hope that if we stay United we will stand again with best of economies. 

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