Ten Things We Learned from the Packers 37-8 Loss to the 49ers

The Green Bay Packers were outflanked in each part of the game in a humiliating 37-8 misfortune to the San Francisco 49ers Sunday in Santa Clara. The misfortune dropped the Packers to 8-3 on the season and they are presently in a tie with the Minnesota Vikings for the lead position in the NFC North in spite of the fact that the Packers won the main no holds barred matchup so far between the groups.

The Packers neglected to create a lot of offense or stop the 49ers on safeguard in a game where very little went right.

The greatest dissatisfaction was that the group didn’t meet the challenge at hand in what was obviously a major event being played on a major stage.

Here are 10 things we gained from the Packers misfortune to the 49ers:

  1. The Packers Weren’t Ready to Play

Regardless of the development to this game, the Packers didn’t come prepared to play. An individual foul punishment on Davante Adams cost the Pack 15 yards after they got a first down on the opening drive and afterward a strip sack gave the 49ers the ball somewhere down in Packers region. Green Bay trailed 7-0 preceding everyone even got to their seats.

The Packers offense didn’t get anything moving before the group was trailing by two scores and they neglected to continue anything reliably.

The group appeared to be level for a game that they unmistakably should have been playing at a pinnacle enthusiastic and physical level.

  1. The Defense Still Can’t Stop Opposing Tight Ends or Defend the Middle on Pass Plays

All things considered, George Kittle did play and the Packers couldn’t stop him by any stretch of the imagination. The 49ers tight end completed the game with six gets for 129 yards and 61-yard touchdown snatch that basically fixed the success for San Francisco.

The Packers couldn’t cover Kittle and they attempted to bring him down after the catch. Restricting tight finishes keep on being a matchup bad dream for the Green Bay safeguard.

The Packers additionally are level out powerless down the center of the field on passing plays. Deebo Samuel additionally torched the Pack the center of the field for a long touchdown.

In the event that the Packers are as yet permitting disregards the center like this come the end of the season games, they won’t keep going since a long time ago come January.

  1. The Referees Don’t Always Favor the Packers

For every one of the grumblings restricting fans give about the directing, it positively didn’t support the Packers today around evening time. The call against Davante Adams on the opening drive was entirely faulty, just like a hands-to-the-face punishment against Kevin King which invalidated a sack. The replay indicated King hit the 49ers recipient on the shoulder brace.

In any case, none of this would have had a lot of effect today when the Packers were essentially defeated in each of the three periods of the game, yet it’s significant for the record.

  1. Alex Light Was Overmatched in Pass Protection

The Packers lost beginning RT Bryan Bulaga to knee damage in the primary quarter and his nonattendance was distinctly felt. Substitution Alex Light battled in pass security, particularly gainst Nick Bosa. Bosa was in the Green Bay backfield all game and the Packers couldn’t toss the ball downfield thus.

Rodgers completed the game with only 104 yards on 20 fulfillments, an insignificant 5.2-yards per fruition and 3.2-yards per endeavor. The group had only 81 absolute yards going for the game.

The Packers attempted to utilize running backs and tight finishes to chip Bosa, yet the outcome was that there was quite often a befuddle some place along the hostile line and less beneficiaries for Rodgers to toss the ball to.

San Francisco completed the game with five sacks and six hits and got steady weight on Rodgers.

The Packers did in the long run alter their play bringing in the subsequent half, yet the game was everything except distant by at that point.

It was a poor pass blocking execution by the offense.

  1. The Third Down Offense Was Awful

The Packers couldn’t have done any more awful on third down changes than they. Green Bay was a humiliating 1-for-15 for the game with the main initially down coming in trash time.

Great quarterbacks convert third downs into first downs. Aaron Rodgers was not a decent quarterback today.

The Packers can’t win football match-ups with this sort of transformation rate on third downs. Richard Sherman worked superbly of restricting Davante Adams and as a result of the San Francisco pass surge the Packers couldn’t get the show on the road down the field. By and large, only a horrible showing by the Green Bay offense in all cases.

  1. Corey Linsley Struggled Big Time

Linsley is a fine focus, however the briskness and quality of the inside line of the 49ers gave him and the remainder of the hostile line fits. On a few plays all through the game, runs were full on plays which Linsley was pushed back behind the line of scrimmage by the resistance.

He was a long way from alone throughout the game. The Packers hostile line was by and large overmatched in pass security and run blocking.

  1. Davante Adams Scored His First Touchdown But…

It was bound to happen however Adams at long last got his first touchdown gathering of the period. He additionally got the two-point transformation that pursued. Be that as it may, for the game, the San Francisco protection held Adams to only 43 yards on seven gets for a normal of simply 6.1-yards per get. That is extraordinary surging numbers for a running back yet horrible for a main collector in a major event.

Adams long gathering today was only 14 yards and he was focused on multiple times during the game.

The Packers will require more touchdowns from Adams in the last five games to win the division and secure a season finisher compartment.

  1. The Smiths Still Got Pressure on the Quarterback

The Smiths worked admirably of compelling Jimmy Garoppolo through the span of the night. Za’Darius was credited with 1.5 sacks and Preston with 0.5 however the surge was getting to the San Francisco quarterback on those events that he didn’t discharge the ball right away. The other sack went ahead a rush by Blake Martinez.

Za’Darius now has 10 sacks on the season and Preston has 10.5. The weight by the pair constrained the 49ers to change their work force at left handle during the game which did then hinder the Green Bay pass surge more.

  1. Extraordinary Teams Remain a Mess

The Green Bay extraordinary groups are as yet a major issue. JK Scott punted multiple times for a normal of simply 37.2 yards regardless of the good climate. He has battled the last barely any games after a solid beginning to the season.

The arrival game is likewise an issue. Tremon Smith found the middle value of just 20 yards on two kick returns and lost three yards on two punt returns. The blocking simply isn’t there and the arrival units simply look unremarkable.

This is something Green Bay needs to improve rapidly, or it will cost them in a nearby game against great challenge.

  1. Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Bring His “A” Game

The Packers establishment quarterback didn’t meet the challenge at hand in this major event. The previous Cal star battled in his arrival home and didn’t create any offense or any enchantment for the greater part of the game.

The Packers third down change disappointments and failure to get the show on the road downfield were not all Rodgers’ shortcoming, however he partakes in the fault for these issues.

As a veteran in a group with a ton of youthful players, the Packers required Rodgers to be at his best. He wasn’t.

Rodgers’ last quarterback rating was a poor 75.8 in spite of the reality he didn’t toss a block attempt. His poor yards-per-endeavor numbers truly executed his rating and they precisely mirror his exceptionally frustrating presentation.

The 49ers likewise did an awesome activity of keeping Rodgers in the pocket and not allowing him to escape and scramble for large first downs.

By and large, this was an atypically poor game from a quarterback who has made a vocation out of playing his best when it tallied most.

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