Role of Motivation in Student’s Academic Performance

Corrie has been feeling worthless battling the demons inside her for the last four weeks. She seemed to have gained passive-aggressiveness that broke her into a  thousand more pieces, quarantined during a lockdown of Covid19. Motivation and positivity are what she is searching for from friends and fraternity to pull out of her current disability. Her disability to play and practice for the series of Tennis matches that are due in this season.  In social isolation, Corrie finds nothing to keep her motivated enough for the games ahead. And Corrie is not alone.

At any given point in life when one feels surrounded by despair all around, the one thing that propels an individual to come out of the tight situation is ‘Motivation,’ which can work even when in social isolation in Covid19 times. The underlying aim of motivation is to stimulate and facilitate learning activity. Learning is an active process that needs to be motivated and guided towards desirable ends.

Effects of Motivation

This affects an individual, and students in particular, in several ways, the most important one being it helps them move towards a particular goal. Motivation increases the output of an individual on a particular task thereby affecting their learning and achieving targets, motivation actually enhances cognitive processing.

The main objective behind motivation is to initiate and create a conducive atmosphere for keeping up the working zeal with complete interest and enthusiasm for a highly personal — and in turn the group’s — and moral satisfaction conducted with complete responsibility. The entire effort is in order to keep the loyalty against the company.

The various types of motivation are as follows:

– Intrinsic Motivation – Based on internal rewards.

– Extrinsic – based on an external reward

– Learning and competence

– Attitude and motivation

– Achievement based on motivation.

– Creatively motivated

– Physiologically motivated

– Incentives and motivation.

Center of Education Policy (CEP) at George Washington University has a study revealing educationists are more focused on students’ achievement of getting the best score other than keeping them motivated enough. It then becomes imperative to find out what is it that has kept the students less motivated during studies, and the reasons cited are:

Some of the Reasons For Students Remaining demotivated. 

Sadly, the number of unmotivated students is on the rise in the world due to several gaps between the student-teacher rapport which is rising. A lot of material on how to keep yourself motivated is available on the same at the online academic writing help. In a world of unprecedented social distancing, there are many students like Corrie going through similar motivational crises. Reasons being:

– Little value in the course of study.

-Unsure whether or not the effort will improve performance.

-Dissatisfied by the way grades are allocated.

-Students, at times, do not find classroom climate conducive enough.

-Students need other priorities that compete for their time. 

Researchers Find Out What Keeps Students Motivated

-Students feel motivated best when they have a sense of belonging to it that they are participating in it, using their knowledge. They remain highly motivated by doing things of their interest and love what they do. Motivation comes from doing something interesting, using talents and specific strengths together with a group of like-minded. Motivation comes to students best when they have problem-solving abilities. The element of problem-solving engages students, they feel more involved if the problem is not hypothetical.


For the students, adding motivation on any of these elements mentioned here works to inspire them internally and externally. When learning becomes a compulsion, students leave education as they are not enough motivated. Student motivation is the element that leads students’ attitude towards the learning process. When Motivation is practised well with a determination it can easily lift the most deeply depressed student even like Corrie by questioning within, Can I do this? And the answer lies in the positivity from being Motivated.

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