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At the point when Ertugrul Gazi went to konya for battle he leaves his more youthful sibling Dundar Bey incharge of the clan. While Sheik Edabli and her little girl attempted to recuperate some entrustments from Yannis.

Later Osman takes all the gold gathered by Mongols as a duty. Osman chose to offer it to Alisar the Seljuk sangak Bey. later he becomes against Osman and made individuals of kayi clan as prisoner.

Eventually, Sofia utilizes her multitude of dull evenings to assault Osman when osaman slaughters Balgay. in the battle with dim evenings Osman gets harmed gravely and everybody accepts that he is dead. Osaman takes that lead and catches the kulucahisar mansion and probably slaughters Sofia.

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Kurulus Osman is a most seen Turis authentic TV arrangement. This arrangement includes the life of Osman 1, the organizer of the Ottoman Empire. Osman is the child of the incredible hero Ertugrul the head of Kayi Tribe.

It is the continuation of Dirlis Ertugrul, which includes the life of Ertugrul. The outside and interior dangers that he confronted and how he adapted to it.

The TV arrangement depicts the life of Osman’s battles and adapting systems that he utilized against the Mongols and Byzantium. He was the person who made sure about a free state from the Sultanate Rum and sets up a sovereign express that honor the Turks.

The Great Ottoman Empire

One of the most remarkable states during the fifth and 16th hundreds of years was non-not exactly the Ottoman Empire made by the Turkish clan in Anatolia. The Great Empire kept going over 600 years and finished in 1992. Indeed, the term Ottoman is a dynastic epithet gotten from Osaman 1 the Great Turkmen pioneer. In fact Osman 1 established the framework of the Great line in around 1300.

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 is the most seen . This arrangement includes the life of Osman 1, the author of the Ottoman Empire. Osman is the child of the incredible champion Ertugrul, the head of the Kayi Tribe.

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