Current and future online videos: trends in video marketing

Fashionable video formats and video marketing have become a fundamental part of every marketing and communication strategy today. Brands are committed to making videos to publicize their projects in a closer way and to reach their users and customers with the appropriate equipment.

Recent studies on the status of internet videos confirm this:

– 90% of consumers say videos help them make a buying decision.
– Videos on the website’s homepage can increase conversions by up to 80%.
– Making videos through social networks encourages community participation.
– Live video is a trend on all social networks and has increased interaction and user response rates.
– 80% of all internet traffic will be videos for 2020.

– Growth in the number of animation companies has reached approximately 10% every year.

We know that brands and users are betting on videos, including Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, stating in February 2017 that “video is a big growing trend” and Instagram has launched the launch of IGTV, a new function that will allow users to share videos for up to 60 minutes .

It is clear that brands can take advantage of video formats in their content strategies and, therefore, today we talk about different types of videos and ideas for video marketing that will help your brand’s digital strategy.

Ideas for video marketing

We give you some ideas about the types of videos you can make for your project:

Explanation video

An explanatory video is a short video that explains the company’s service or use of a product. The purpose of this video is so that users can understand in a few minutes how things work in a simple way. Using explanatory videos on content, the conversion rate grows to 144%.

Brand video

Positioning the brand and making it known is probably the most difficult job. Brand videos allow you to show your company to the world directly, from you to you and with confidence. A good way for your prospects to find out how close you are.

Testimonial video

Testimonial videos often show true stories that are emotionally connected with users. If you have satisfied customers, why don’t you let them talk to you about your product or service? This will make the message stronger and generate interest between your community and potential customers. Choose testimonials that are fun, different and that build trust.

Video tutorial

Video tutorials allow you to display ‘step by step’ of a process in a simple, fun and visual way. Making this type of video is very useful for users and prospective clients in the future.

Animated video in a moving graph

Motion graphics are videos created from digital animation that display information from images, photos, text messages, colors, and iconography. Namely, graphic animation that allows you to make your company, service, product or event known for its creativity and unique results.

And many moreā€¦

Video is what will become increasingly important in modern marketing. Renting video services for your products is a profitable investment.

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