Can online tools bring revolution in the digital world?

Since the internet came into existence, the world has changed into a global village. From handwritten letters to sending a fax and then the introduction of email systems; unknowingly we have evolved. All this is the result of centuries of struggles that were fueled by humans’ thirst to get better technologies and strategies to improve the living standards. Living a simple life and not taking into account the facilities we could have achieved, to getting all the things the human mind once thought was impossible. In all the fields the internet has brought a revolutionary change. There isn’t one field that hasn’t gone through a radical storm. The best example is online shopping. Back in time, we used to go through different markets roaming and waiting for endless hours just to get one thing. Now you have enormous websites and apps through which we can easily order anything. Even customized settings are done to make the customer satisfied and happy. I personally enjoy online shopping. Online tools as we talk about have helped us so much. In a way, we depend on them for every little thing we do in our daily life. No matter the time and place we all are bound to them. It’s fascinating how a child starts using a cell phone even before he starts to get hold of walking and talking properly.

What is the digital world? 

The global world or digital world for me is almost the same where you can connect to anything in no time. In the digital world, you get to know about a lot of gadgets, tools, supplies and many more truly mesmerizing things. Digital tools of all sorts have proved to be of great importance for us. From the times when the fire was used to cook food to having electric cookers or when lanterns were used to end the darkness to having LED lights. It all came with time. Electricity is the main thing we should all be thankful for, secondary being the internet. Electronic devices created havoc in the global markets. Even not leaving out the local markets from teeming, from the complex lifestyles, hectic routines to sedentary ways of living it helped all the individuals. Its benefits are numerous and a vast range of things could be mentioned in it. Let’s say both fitness and health have become an integral part of our lives. For this, we use apps, wireless headphones, and smart watches to keep a record of things. We order the best fitness gear and machines through online web portals. People can also join online workout sessions on apps through this digital device we call cell phones, even laptops and tablets are used for these purposes too. 

Importance of digital tools in today’s trendy life

The biggest digital platform that has revolutionized our lives is blogging. People sharing their thoughts and opinions on various topics irrespective of the fear of what others will say and they only tell their part of the story or opinion on different things. This has helped many introverts and folks who can’t speak confidently in the public as the internet has given every human being freedom of speech. This also helps a lot of individuals in accessing and analyzing things. 

Vlogging has also gained a lot of fame. It’s not that it came into existence recently, it’s just the social media involvement in our lives has increased to numerous folds. Going around, eating, laughing freely and capturing those moments so that they will be able to share those fun times with others. It has gained the same importance as beauty competition or you can say more than that. The most famous of all I think are, Travel diaries or vlogs as these are so much in trend these days that no one can deny their importance. Capturing every single detail and sharing it. They also do extra work to make it look beautiful by using different digital tools. Now as we have mentioned tools, let’s appreciate their help because otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our goals. For example, taking a picture or recording a video then editing it so that it looks perfectly presentable is all because of digital supplies. Also these days some people use iPhones while others use android. It can be an issue to convert or share files. Sometimes the files are too heavy and other times the format does not match. As we have to be careful about the quality of the image and files. We have to search for suitable softwares for this purpose. Nowadays the major tools used for these purposes are image converters, photo editors and video compilers. These can be called as life saviors by the people using them. These tools get your things done in no time. But for this, you have to search for the most appropriate app. While surfing the internet you will come across numerous such apps and sites but before using or installing them always check the ratings and users opinions. It helps you in getting a clear point. I am mentioning a few which I liked personally.

Image Converters

These really help you in converting images and files to JPG format as this format maintains the quality which is the basic concern.

  1. heictojpg
  2. Xnconvert
  3. zamzar
  4. pixconverter

Photo editors

These are some of the good apps I came across, which help you to get the best results.

  1. photoscape
  2. photoshop express
  3. krita
  4. pixlr

Final Thoughts:

Taking a picture with different angles and then editing it to make it look perfect from all the angles. All this is done for the customers and their product sales. Presentation is way more focused than anything else because that’s the thing that will increase their selling rates. It’s like the same way one individual takes a selfie with a toothy smile and then edits it to make it look shinier and brighter. Hiding all the flaws and focusing on beauty. 

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