AMDSOL Provides the Best MACRA Services for Patients’ Healthcare


MACRA Services are providing people with quality health protection amenities. These facilities follow the bill “MACRA” and work efficiently to facilitate the masses.

Health Maintenance System:

The basis forMACRA Servicesis the motto of pay-for-performance.MACRA standsfor “Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act. This act specifically focuses on the features such as quality, value, and accountability of medical professionals and their services. The main aim of this law is to enhance the quality of health facilities and avoid the pressure of extra load, which comes due to haphazardness. It also motivates healthcare providers to work better than before. This program has come up with totally new programs to ensure that the health maintenance system is working properly and people are getting state of the art medical amenities.

Value-Added Services:

President Obamaapproved and signedMACRAon April 16,2015, after a long discussion. In the House of Representatives, 392 people voted in its favor, whereas 37 voted against this act. While in the Senate, 92 votes were in its favor, and only 8 people voted against this. Hence, a higher percentage of votes is clearly showing that the bill is important. It is a combination of three programs, namely “the physician quality reporting system (PQRSO),” “value-based payment modifier (VBM),” and “the medicare electronic health records incentive program (EHR).” They are collectively called “merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS).” This bill has revolutionized health facilities in the USA. Since the MACRA services are the motto of pay-for-performance, it is striving to provide people with excellent and state of the art medical facilities. It ensures reimbursement of payment according to performance and merit. It makes sure that people are getting complete satisfactory treatment according to their demands. It ensures quality and value-added treatment. Let’s have a look at how AMDSOL is providing these services.

Innovative billing system:

The billing system of any organization is the key component that showcases its credibility and seriousness. People like to work with such institutes which possess state of the art payment system. People require that their payment should be secure, and they do not afford to lose their amounts due to weaknesses of the system. AMDSOL works to prevent revenue leakages and increases the collection with the least denials. They are paying special attention to reduce errors and enhance profits through a secure billing mechanism. It is an end-to-end system of revenue cycle management that is working with more than 32 specialties. They have qualified and efficient staff to perform the billing operations from claim formation, payment posting, quick follow-up, appeals, and submission. They have the latest technology and a highly skilled operative team to provide robust billing procedures. Their team is available round the clock to address the queries of people. 

They respond to them fast and accommodate their issues such as schedule review and assessment, eligibility verification, account management, and many others.

Management of EMR and EHR:

EMR stands for “electronic medical records,” whereas EHR is an abbreviation of “electronic health records.” This is a digital version of the history of the patient’s previous medical records, which is available in the physician’s office. It contains all the medical history, lab results, and tests done for the diagnosis of any disease. These documents help the clinician to keep track of the data and easy recognition the person due to screening or checkups. On the contrary, EHR is the real-time history of people’s health that gives fats and instant access to authorized users. It contains all the information about a patient, which makes it even more useful. Management of HER and EMR is not a piece of cake. It is a laborious and time-taking task, and it is really difficult to keep an error-free record of each individual. AMDSOL has taken a step forward to help people maintain their medical documents as well as provide them with the effective and approachable mechanism of secure healthcare facilities. They possess a robust and innovative system of document management that enables its users to access their electronic data at any time. 

Excellent Patient Services:

Patients like to get better medical services. They cannot afford denials, disturbance in schedules, or any other problem during their disease treatment. AMDSOL helps to identify the eligibility of a person for insurance and get the payment of service. They also remain in contact with the patients through calls, texts, or emails and inform them about the existing appointments. They help you schedule your appointments and let you avoid the pressure of workload due to haphazardness. They facilitate people to get appointments online, check eligibility criteria for insurance, and update their test results on time. They have an excellent team to assist you in scheduling your appointments. They perform things step-by-step, answer the calls of people, and collect their key information. They work to increase profit and reduce cost. They work efficiently to ensure state of the art patient services. 

Medical Consultancies from AMDSOL:

A medical professional may face many challenges that require consultation from an expert to achieve all the aims strategically. He needs to analyze his performance, revenue generation process, and workflows. They cannot do this because it is a time-consuming task. AMDSOL is there to help them analyze their workflow. This analysis includes recognition of revenue leakages, risk elimination, and many other ideas to proceed on. They possess a well-planned and well-structured mechanism to let you start your business in the correct direction. They provide medical advice to clients, take complete responsibility, and ensure success. They work with full dedication to avoid losses in the first place. Their team is available round the clock to address the problems of any area and reach the place wherever their help is required.

AMDSOL is the best provider of MACRA services. They possess the latest technology and operative excellence to provide robust medical amenities. Their team is available round the clock to address all kinds of issues. They possess a secure billing mechanism. They work efficiently to maintain the records and history of a patient.

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