A Complete Guide on How to Cite a Dissertation in MLA Style

Dissertation in MLA Style

Panicking because you have to cite a dissertation in MLA style and you do not know how to do so? Relax; we are here to help you.

Generally, MLA citation format is reserved for students and writers who are busy preparing manuscripts in various humanities subjects; such as the following:

  • Comparative Literature
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • English Studies – Language and Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Literary Criticism

It establishes the credibility of writers in their field by demonstrating an awareness of the needs of the audience when they cite a dissertation in MLA style. Some fellow researchers may also need to quote your work, so MLA citation style also helps them quote your work easily.

Despite being a simple-to-follow citation format, students often struggle with the correct citation of their sources. Poorly cited dissertations often fail to bring the desired results to students. To avoid any kind of unpleasant outcomes, you should rely on dissertation writing services online. It is recommended by students and senior writers alike because professional writers are better qualified to cite dissertations in the required formats of students.

Ready to know how to cite a dissertation MLA? Let’s review the process here, but before we should know what exactly MLA citation style is!

What is MLA Citation Style?

You can define the MLA format as the Modern Language Association format which is a style of crediting the sources that one can use to enlist their works cited. Particularly, when you are writing a paper for your university degree, it becomes imperative for you to follow a certain citation format.

When using dissertation MLA format, anytime you quote or paraphrase someone’s work, you must tell your readers the following three things:

  • Who wrote the book?
  • What is the name of the book?
  • Where can you find a copy of the book?

MLA format is typically used for the research papers that are written for the English composition classes. Some communication classes also advise the students to follow this style when working on their papers.

How to Cite a Dissertation in MLA?

Apart from practice, the only thing that can help you get better at this citation process is the close review and study of a dissertation in MLA examples. To cite a dissertation in MLA style, include the following elements in your work:

1. Name Of the Author

You should add the last name and also the name that is present in the source of the work you are quoting. If there are two authors, reverse the first name, add the word ‘and’, and mention the second name in the normal order.

If there are three or more three authors, write the first name that is followed by the phrase ‘et al.’

Here is an example by bibguru.com that explains how to write the author’s names properly when you cite dissertations in MLA style:


2. Title of Your Thesis

When you have to cite a dissertation in MLA style, you italicise the title of your thesis or dissertation when it is dependent. However, if you have derived it from another source, you should add the quotation marks and that shall be enough. Do not italicise the title in such cases.

3. The Year of Publication

When you observe your source, the year of publication shall be listed in it. You should also list the publication year of the source when using the MLA format for your PhD dissertation.

4. University Name

When you cite a dissertation in MLA style, you must mention the name of your university, college, or academic institute right after you have mentioned the year of publication of your work. Ensure that you make no mistakes while writing the name of your academic institute.

5. Degree Type

After you have finished writing the documents listed above, you shall mention the type of degree you are studying. It can be a thesis, a doctoral dissertation, a research paper, or more.

When Do You Present the Required Information in the MLA Format?

You shall present the information in the MLA format in the following two places:

  1. When you are paraphrasing or quoting something in your work, you should involve the listed information in your dissertation. This is usually termed the Parenthetical Citation (also known as In-Text Citation) because you share brief information about the source in parenthesis.
  2. Secondly, while crafting the Works Cited page of your dissertation, you provide the reader with the desired information. On this page, you enlist all the data and information that you have cited in your dissertation. Providing this information to your audience, when you cite a dissertation in MLA style, is necessary otherwise your work shall be accused of plagiarism.

How to Format a PowerPoint Presentation in MLA Style?

Although the MLA handbook does not come up with specific instructions to follow when you format a PPT in your work, however, many college libraries advise students to follow these guidelines when you cite a dissertation in MLA style:

  • Include the title slide in your citation.
  • Ensure that have included any in-text citations for any kind of quotes, images, graphs, tables, or audio/video files that you may have used in your presentation file.
  • The last slide shall act as the Works Cited list of your presentation.

How to Cite a Doctoral Dissertation MLA?

To cite dissertations in MLA style, follow this format:

  • Author name. Title of the publication. Year Published. Name of the institution, degree type.

If it is one, follow this format:

  • Author name. Title of the publication. Year Published. Name of the institution, degree type. Name of the website, URL.

Easy Bib provides the same information in the form of this guide chart, which is presented below:



So, in summary, follow the guidelines that we have mentioned in our article when you have to cite a dissertation in MLA style. These guidelines are according to the Citation Guide (MLA 9th Edition) and are authentic to be used for your dissertation or thesis.

MLA citations are extremely important for the reference list of your work. No matter the type of degree you are studying, if you do not follow the basic format of text citation, your marks shall be deducted by your professor. Instead of risking your grades, you should ask for help with a dissertation in MLA style from reliable and professional writers to cite a dissertation per your needs. They have expertise in following the 7th edition of the MLA handbook (even the 9th too) and can cite your paper efficiently.

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