3 Successful Hybrid Apps Ruling the Tech-world

In 2020, the total number of people who use smartphones worldwide is currently 3.5 billion, accounting for 44.81% of the entire world’s population. This is how huge the number of people using smartphones is. In the coming years, these numbers are expected to rise even more. 

The trend that is being followed currently, the technical evolution, and surges in affordable smartphones, the mobile application development industry is thriving in their business. Moreover, smartphone users look forward to accessing exciting and unique features offering an impeccable user experience, which is why mobile applications are designed to provide quick access to the demanded information, direct inputs, and real time updates to the end-users. 

The ease they provide is why such massive users have been dependent on mobile apps even for the most basic need, such as waking up. People get up with an alarm (mobile app) and sleep setting up the same. This is just one example of a mobile app we all use; there are thousands of others that vary as per individual needs. 

Since these applications are super popular, every entrepreneur aims to create one worthy of taking up the market and rule for years. 

When we talk about developing an application, a future proof app is the one that works on each platform and caters to every user. 

This is why most product owners prefer hybrid app development for their tech-based projects. 

What is a hybrid mobile app development?

Hybrid app development is responsible for creating an application that can run on various platforms. It combines the independent codes and native codes to run smoothly and flawlessly on almost every platform (primarily iOS and Android). Hybrid apps are coded in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS like programming languages and are coded just once and used everywhere. 

You won’t have to hire a developer with a particular skill set of programming languages such as Swift, Xcode, or Objective C. 

Although hybrid app development is considered super-efficient, many companies and developers believe that it lags performance and can not keep up with native app development standards. 

This is absolutely untrue. Developing a hybrid mobile application is all fast, efficient, easy, and high-performing. 

No single hybrid application owner has ever complained about it being inefficient or unable to match a native application’s pace.

This is not something we claim; there are many popular applications that have proved hybrid’s worth! 

Let’s see the golden list of incredible hybrid applications that are enjoying the name and fame. These examples are the true definition of a hybrid’s capabilities. 

Let’s check them out! 

  • Twitter: 

Twitter’s user base accounts for around 330 million users. With such a massive user base and excellent market standing, Twitter has become one of the best examples of a reliable open-source hybrid application. Twitter performs exceptionally; till date, twitter users have found no glitches, no matter how massive traffic the application records.

The hybrid application witnessed a crucial architectural change in its API and gathered data from mobile apps’ endpoints. 

It works flawlessly on all Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and other third-party applications. 


  • Users can stream videos via their mobile phones
  • Easily access exciting news
  • Share your opinions via tweets
  • Get instant notifications about multiple things such as a new follower
  • Get updates on recent engaging and viral information 
  • Gmail:

Gmail is another excellent example of hybrid mobile app development. Would you believe it? The one emailing platform that records massive traffic every day and serves as the most popular platform to share emails is a hybrid application. 

If the myths about hybrid apps being incompetent were actually real, then Gmail wouldn’t have been this successful. 

Google has always preferred HTML for its email services for a long time. However, the company was able to harmoniously transform the conventional standards of emailing by combining the elements of HTML and native applications via Gmail. 

It has paved a new way for mobile app developers with Gmail that offers higher performance, better animations, and an excellent user interface. 


  • It is integrated with a structured inbox to segregate social and promotional messages. 
  • It blocks spam message even before they come into the inbox
  • Includes 15 GB of data storage, that can store a massive number of messages
  • User can get the support of various accounts 
  • Instagram:

How efficient hybrid mobile app development can be understood by looking at the popularity of Instagram is enjoying. Instagram is the app this generation needs and is happily using the snap-sharing application. 

Since hybrid applications support rich media and provide offline support, the UI of a hybrid application can load content and graphic immediately. Instagram offers a more lavish data display to various screen sizes and offers seamless data. 

The user experience is enhanced with impeccable and interactive graphics, iconography, and color scheme. The platform allows the users to access the media or show error messages even when users are offline and massive data is to be processed. 


  • Get one step closer to people you find interesting by being a part of the massive community of Instagram
  • Add videos, images, gifs, or other graphics via creative tools
  • Message your friends directly
  • Post content on the personal feed
  • Access IGTV to keep yourself free of boredom.


These three excellent hybrid applications have become so popular that it is impossible to demean hybrid app development. All three applications provide such excellent user experience that their name is enough to understand their market standing and the love their users give these apps. 

Twitter, Instagram, and Gmail have changed the stereotypes associated with hybrid mobile app development. Therefore, it is stupid to believe that only native applications can provide a truly native experience; hybrid apps can also make sure your users obtain incredible user experience with interactive UI elements. 

And all that is created conveniently and in less time and effort.

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