Most Attractive Places To Visit In New Jersey in 2024

There has been a growing trend among travelers to seek out charming small towns instead of New Jersey, heavily populated cities in recent years. One can find many of these picturesque destinations along the East Coast of America, and some of the most exceptional can be found there.

While many individuals choose to visit small towns in New York and Massachusetts and the entirety of New England, it would be a missed opportunity not to consider New Jersey. The Garden State is brimming with delightful locations, many of which often go unnoticed. Whether you are searching for a peaceful summer beach retreat or a memorable mother-daughter getaway filled with abundant shopping opportunities, we have compiled a list of the most highly sought-after places to visit in New Jersey.


Situated just 40 minutes from New York City, the delightful suburb of Montclair is renowned for its charming boutiques. The most notable are Culture Couture, White Rabbit Black Heart, Giftbar, and Oasis. After indulging in retail therapy, you can satisfy your appetite at Halycon Brasserie, where the raw bar is a must-try.

Palazzo Pasta Company offers live music alongside their delicious dishes on Friday or Saturday evenings. For an extended stay, The George is a chic boutique hotel with 31 rooms owned by the esteemed makeup artist and Montclair resident Bobbi Brown.

West Cape May

Less than two miles from downtown Cape May lies the quaint West Cape May, a small town with fewer than 1,100 residents. Dating back to 1884, this peaceful destination proudly showcases its Victorian architecture, paying homage to its historical roots. If you’re seeking a respite from the beach, go to Wilbraham Park. This charming park hosts various events throughout the year, including lively farmers markets and the renowned Lima Bean Festival held in October.


Bordentown, situated in Burlington County, possesses an unassuming allure. Its quaint shops and relaxed tempo contribute to the intimate ambiance that residents hold dear. While the main street may not boast extravagance, it does house a few boutiques and restaurants.

The locals are friendly, often offering a warm greeting or a nod of acknowledgment as they go about their day. The town is frequented by numerous families, creating an overall serene atmosphere that can be truly appreciated.


A delightful college town, Princeton is highly regarded for its family-friendly nature. It proudly houses Princeton University, a prestigious Ivy League educational institution. The town showcases exquisite gothic architecture and exceptional art museums, providing a feast for the eyes. Golf enthusiasts will be happy that Princeton offers many exceptional golf courses.

Princeton caters to individuals of all ages with its diverse activities and welcoming ambiance. The presence of excellent schools further adds to Princeton’s appeal, making it an excellent choice for residents and visitors in New Jersey. The town’s strong police presence ensures a safe and secure environment.

Spring Lake

Embarking on a journey to the charming seaside town of Spring Lake, aptly known as the “Town by the Sea,” promises many delightful experiences. From tantalizing meals to eclectic stores, cherished beach time, and more, there is something for everyone.

Moreover, don’t forget to explore Jean Louise Homemade Candies for a delectable assortment of confections, Dandy Canine for your beloved furry friend, and Artisan Spirit for an exciting selection of home accessories and beyond. Outdoor enthusiasts can rent bikes and leisurely pedal along the waterfront near Divine Park. In contrast, theater enthusiasts can catch a captivating Spring Lake Community House Theater performance.


Families of all ages will find abundant attractions in this suburban area outside New York City. One highlight is the expansive Tenafly Nature Center, which boasts a variety of scenic trails suitable for hiking, walking, or running. Additionally, the center offers several exhibits, including the Butterfly House, Pollinator Garden, and Nature Playscape, providing visitors with a unique and educational experience.

The nonprofit organization also organizes seasonal programming and special events, ensuring something exciting is always happening. Don’t forget to visit Ave Lumi, a store specializing in stylish and sustainable clothing and accessories for kids and adults. Another must-try is Mochinut, a shop that sells freshly made mochi donuts topped with delectable soft serve. Lastly, attend the summer concerts at Huyler Park, located in the heart of downtown Tenafly. These concerts are a fantastic way to enjoy the area’s vibrant atmosphere.


With its origins dating back to 1705, Lambertville has earned the esteemed title of the Antiques Capital of New Jersey, attracting visitors from nearby and distant locations. The Golden Nugget Antique Flea Market, which operates for three days each week, showcases a diverse range of merchandise from over a dozen vendors, encompassing vintage trinkets, retro games, and even ancient fossils.

Art enthusiasts can also indulge in the nearby galleries, such as Gallery Piquel, Jim’s of Lambertville, and Michael Fratrich’s Ten One Gallery. Additionally, history enthusiasts can explore the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum, James Wilson Marshall House, and Howell Living History Farm to delve into the captivating past of Lambertville.

Atlantic City

The Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey isn’t just famous for its casinos and beaches; it stands out as the city’s most iconic attraction. Stretching five miles along the Atlantic Ocean coast, this lively tourist hub adds vibrancy to the seaside town of New Jersey.

Aside from its renowned casinos, the boardwalk offers a haven for art enthusiasts and music lovers, showcasing a diverse range of talented artists and musicians, upscale shopping venues, cozy local eateries, and an array of exciting amusements.

However, if a trip to Atlantic City isn’t in the cards or if you’re busy exploring other fantastic towns like Hoboken, don’t worry. Thanks to the legal NJ online casinos, you can still enjoy the excitement without missing a beat.

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